Process development

A good product begins with qualified planning.

The necessary performance characteristics of components are often first ensured through heat treatment. During the product development phase it is vital to harmonise material selection, the shape of the component and the processing for a suitable construction for heat treatment. For this reason, we have established a competence centre, in order to be able to advise customers on all aspects of materials engineering. Together with our engineers and technicians your products can be optimised, for example with regard to stability in static and dynamic strain, wear resistance, emergency operation features or corrosion resistance. During this crucial planning phase, request our input for the realisation of a safe and cost-efficient product.
We are your contact partner, especially for complicated assignments. Our high-tech devices can be used for components, whose special characteristics cannot be adapted via other heat treatment processes. We are constantly working on research projects together with universities, colleges and institutes, as well as maintaining material tests in an exceptional laboratory. Currently we are probably already in the process of developing a solution for your special product requirements. Simply contact us; we are frequently venturing on future technology.

Quality is never a coincidence. It is always the result of intelligent effort.

John Ruskin

A glance inside of a vacuum furnace

Control station